How To Print Text Messages From iPhone

Sometimes getting the hard copy of the text messages stored in your iPhone is essential. There could be several reasons for this. One may want to keep the hard copy as a proof to show in the court case or to document is as an essential conversation that is useful for his or her business. But the question arises, “how do I print text messages from my iPhone?”

Even if you want to keep the printed copy of the text message as a memory of the conversation between you and your loved ones, there is no direct provision given by Apple. But sometimes, keeping a backup of the vital messages, or to print text messages from iPhone may become necessary, and serves as a savior if under any circumstances they get deleted from the device.

Thus, here we are going to discuss how to print texts from iPhone by using the well-defined methods and procedures. With the help of the third-party tools, that assures the printing of text messages easily, can even be used as evidence in the court. So without waiting anymore, let us discuss these tried and tested methods to sort out such issues.

Method 1. Print Text Messages from iPhone Using Screenshots

Printing of text messages is important for many people because of a number of reasons. Sometimes, one may not just depend upon the iTunes or iCloud backup. There are instances when you need to produce the hard copy of some meaningful conversation instantly, and thus one method to print text messages from iPhone is via using the screenshots.

If there are a limited number of messages to be printed, then taking screenshots of the same is simple. However, if the list is long, it becomes a time-taking and tedious task to take the Screenshot of every single message and get it printed. But since this is the easiest method for how to print messages from iPhone, one can give it a try if the number of print count is less.

So let us learn the detailed steps for printing the text messages using Screenshots:

Step 1: Open your iPhone and go to the text messages that you wish to take a printed copy.

Step 2.a: For taking Screenshot on iPhone 6/6 Plus, 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus

Together press the Home Button and the Sleep/Wake Button given at the side of the device for approx 1 or 2 seconds.

Step 2.b: For taking Screenshot on iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR

Together press the right Side Button of the device and Volume Up Button for approx 1 or 2 seconds until you get the Screenshot of the desired text.

Take the Screenshot on iPhone and proceed to Print

Step 3: Tap on “Done” given at the top left corner of the iPhone screen that leads to saving the Screenshot you just took. Instantly the system will ask you to confirm your decision for the location of the picture. Tap on “Save to Photos” that will transfer the Screenshot to Photo App.

Step 4: Now go to the Photo Section (Application) of your iPhone where you will find the Screenshot just taken. Alternatively, you can also hit on the thumbnail at the left bottom of the display screen to reach the Screenshot directly.

Step 5: Hit the Arrow Button shown where you can find the option to Print the photo.

Step 6: Connect your iPhone with the Printer and tap on the “Print” button that leads you to take the printed copy from the device directly.

Step 7: You can also Email the particular Screenshot to yourself by pressing the Arrow Button and selecting the option “Mail. ” After attaching the Screenshot to the mailbox and sending it to self, open your computer and take the print-out easily.

If you were searching for the simple method for how do I print text messages from my iPhone, the way could help you out. But it is to be noted that the Screenshot method is only useful if you need to take just a few copies of the printed text. It is a time-taking process, and you will ultimately get frustrated if there is a need to take a number of print-outs.

Method 2. Print iPhone Text Messages With Email

Printing the text messages from the iPhone using the Email is another way to get the task done. This is a simple method, but it takes a lot of time to perform. For how to print texts from iPhone via Email, you need to copy each text separately and paste it one by one in the Email message box and then can perform the printing of them that is way too time-consuming.

However, if there are just a few critical texts that you need to keep a copy, this is quite a secure method and also lets you have a backup file on Email that you can convert to the hard copy whenever needed. But it is to be noted that to print text messages from iPhone using Email method, you may not have access to the time and date of the conversation.

So let us now learn the procedure to perform this function using Email method:

Step 1: Power on your iPhone and switch over to the conversation or text message thread that you want to print.

Step 2: Open the particular message and keep pressing on the same until you get the option stating “Copy.”

Copy the selected text to print on iPhone

Step 3: Go to the Email section on your iPhone and open the selected Mail ID. Open the “Compose” mail or “Write Mail” option on the Gmail or any other Mail Box you use, or “New Message” for iPhone Email to create a new mail, and Paste the copied content on the message box.

Paste the text in the Mail Box on iPhone

Step 4: Now switch over to your computer and log in to the same Email ID where you have created the Draft.

Step 5: Go to the Saved Message box and open the saved mail where you have copied the text messages and Print the same from your PC. You can also create the hard copies using AirPrint by clicking on the left-facing arrow or the Share option at the bottom of the Window and select “Print” to print the message instantly.

Follow instructions to Print the iPhone message

This method may seem to be a straightforward way for how to print out text messages from iPhone, but takes a lot of energy to take out the hard copies if there are a lot of texts that need to be printed. Moreover, it doesn’t copy the date and time of sending and receiving the texts; thus can’t be used as a formal copy if it needs to be present in the court or to use in businesses.

Method 3. Print Text Messages from iPhone with Tenorshare UltData

If you think how do I print text messages from my iPhone without hassle, then taking the assistance of the third-party support becomes imperative. Using Tenorshare UltData, the task of creating a hard copy of the selective texts becomes very simple and quick. This is an efficient tool that lets the user make as many printed copies as they want.

If you have a series of texts that need to be printed, with all the details like date and time, Tenorsahe UltData is the recommended tool for doing the same. The copies taken out using this tool can also be used as evidence in the court as well because of the related information it prints. Thus for the question of how to print texts from iPhone, UltData is regarded as the best tool.

With the help of this iPhone data recovery software, you can not just print text messages from iPhone, but can quickly recover the deleted thread or messages that were important to you but accidentally got erased. Once recovered, you can take out the printed copies of those too. It works on every iPhone model and versions, including the latest and gives an instant result for how to print messages from iPhone while following the simple steps.

Let us now learn the detailed steps for printing the text messages from iPhone using Tenorshare UltData:

>> Get Tenorshare UltData <<

Step 1: Download Tenorshare UltData on your computer or Mac and install the software. Using the USB or lightning cable, connect the iPhone with the PC and unlock the iDevice.

Plug in your iPhone to connect with the computer

Step 2: The UltData program will automatically recognize your iPhone and opens to “Recover from iOS Device” option

Step 3: An interface shows all the stored applications and files that this program can recover and restore.

Step 4: Click on the checkbox against “Messages & Attachments” that make your selection.

Select Messages and Attachment from the options

Step 5: Click on the “Start Scan” option given at the bottom that leads to starting the scanning process, which will take a few minutes.

Step 6: The following interface will show you the list of text messages on your iPhone. Select the ones you want to print by clicking on the checkbox against each text. You can select as many Messages as you wish to get printed.

Step 7: After making the selection, look out for the Print option given at the up-side corner of the screen beside the “Settings” and “Search” options, as the sign of the Printer. The program will ask you to connect your computer with the Printer to precede the printing.

Select the text messages and go to Print option

Step 8: If the Printer is connected, a dialogue box appears on the screen, asking for permission to print the selected sheet. Click “Ok” to proceed with the printing. The tool creates a PDF file of messages on your computer at the location you choose, and thus you can easily get the hard copies of all the selected text messages instantly.

Step 9: You can also Recover and Restore the deleted messages by clicking the “Recover” option to your computer or iDevice and later print the same whenever needed. However, the Recovery of the lost “Messages and Attachments” doesn’t support iOS 13 and above for the Windows users.

Select location to store the Recovered text

If you need to get the printed copy of a lot of text messages, nothing can be as good as Tenorshare UltData. With the help of this program, you can find an easy solution to how to print text messages from iPhone. The printed copies can be used for formal purposes as well as contains the information related to the date/time and name or a number of the sender. Learn more from our UltData review here.

Method 4. Print Text Messages From iPhone With AnyTrans

The AnyTrans tool developed by iMobile is another popular and efficient solution, using which you can easily print text messages from iPhone. AnyTrans is primarily data management software for iOS devices and is used by millions of iDevice users to secure the data on the PC or directly transferring them to some other iOS or Android device.

anytrans for ios

Many users get confused “how do I print text messages from my iPhone using AnyTrans,” but not to worry as it has multiple options that assist in dealing with apps and data. It provides an option to the users, to review the device data before transferring, and at the same time downloading it to the PC, which helps for instant printing of text messages.

AnyTrans tool gives an option to its users to review the app data selectively, and if required, can take specific or complete backup. This individual data handling is helpful when you are only interested in knowing “how to print messages from iPhone,” instead of transferring the entire data.

The iMobile website avails its users with a free trial version of the tool, which the users can download directly and get a review about it. To attain all the features in an Active state, you have to purchase the pro version of AnyTrans.

How To Print Texts From iPhone Using AnyTrans

The AnyTrans file transfer tool works from a computer, and so you need to first download and install it on a Windows or Mac computer. Now, read the following given steps to understand how to print out text messages from iPhone, with the help of AnyTrans tool.

Step 1. Click on the AnyTrans desktop icon to launch the tool and connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 2. Hit the iPhone icon on the panel.

Hit The Messages Icon

Step 3. In the category management page, find and click on the “Messages” icon.

Step 4. The software panel shows the list of messages on your device.

Step 5. Click on the “Settings” button given on the top right corner of the panel.

Set The File Format

Step 6. Choose a file output format, Export Path and hit the “Save” button.

Choose The Messages That You Want To Print on iPhone

Step 7. Now select the texts that you wish to print, and click on the “To PC/ Mac Tab” which will transfer the texts over the computer.

iPhone Text Messages Saved On The PC

Now you can easily preview all the messages saved in a folder and print them as required. Read our AnyTrans Review here.

Method 5. Contact Your Phone Carrier To Request A Copy Of Text Message History

Getting a print out of text messages is not a common task that is applied by many users, as usually, people do not have any serious reasons to do that. The above tools are sufficient to print text messages from iPhone when the requirements are general. But in some places, it is asked to present a legal copy of the Messages, and in such cases, the print-outs using the above methods may not be acceptable.

So by the time you choose to buy one of these tools, you can also try and request your phone carrier to provide a copy of text messages. The task looks simple as you do not have to use any software but can be toughest in some cases because not all cellular companies have the policy to share any customer’s details or data.

To get a copy of text messages from your phone carrier, you can visit the company’s field office or simply call the customer care executive. Since information is critical, even though it is yours, you should be ready to provide all the verifying identity details that the person may need you to present.

You may also visit the company’s website, and check out for any criteria provided for the users who are to claim for a copy of text messages. You can spend some time and research specifically about your phone carrier, and the regulations related to such queries. But there are minimal chances of achieving the objective with this method.


Sometimes the written words become so essential that people want them in printed format on a paper. When you need to print text messages from iPhone, then methods like screenshots or through Email, surely help to some extent but do not have a practical approach. They are only useful if it is one or two texts, but involves a lot of time.

If you are genuinely looking for how to print texts from iPhone, then it is advised to take assistance from tools like Tenorshare UltData or AnyTrans. These are highly interactive and efficient tools, loaded with bulk of features for iOS devices. The users can quickly transfer all the required texts to the PC in PDF file format and print them anytime as needed.

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